What is email marketing and should my small business use it?

Email marketing is probably one of the best ways your small business can interact and reach out to customers. Current customers are the best brand ambassadors and more importantly, are likely to purchase again if they had a positive experience the first time. 

Small businesses typically underutilize email marketing and that’s tragic because they are the ones that could usually benefit the most. Email marketing strategies vary from business to business especially if you’re selling an item or selling a service.

Retail storefront small businesses can easily build their email newsletters by collecting customers’ emails at check out. Collecting their email not only allows you to re-engage the customer but allows you to let them know when you’re having sales or other important events to your business

Should my small business use Email Automation?

Another really important factor when considering email marketing platforms is to consider email automation this makes interacting with your customers extremely easy.

Something as simple as a welcome email once they purchase something from your business or sign up for your newsletter helps convert potential customers to actual customers and then loyal brand ambassadors. 

Email automation for customer reviews can be extremely important for eCommerce businesses but equality as important for local small businesses.

What email marketing platform should my small business use?

If you want to increase sales find an email marketing platform is key a lot of email marketers will push you towards their favorite email platform however it’s important to consider all of the needs that you will have to your unique business all of the email marketing platforms have good professional email templates that you can use simply change out your logo and you’re pretty much good to go.

Personally, we use either mail chimp or active campaign both of these have decent automation and we are extremely comfortable with them. But you should always use whichever platform that you the best. 

How can my small business build subscribers?

If you have a brick-and-mortar store you could potentially entice people to subscribe to your email list by doing giveaways or offering promotions for people who sign up for your email list. You should always reward new subscribers to your email list. 

If you want to increase your sales you can send your customers promotional emails or send new product announcements via email.

We have worked with a number of small businesses that have a lot of success with converting email marketing campaigns.

What are the advantages of email marketing for small businesses?

Small businesses can really benefit the most from email marketing tools. Small business owners can utilize email marketing software to reconnect with current and past customers, oftentimes putting their company in front of customers who have not heard from the business in a while.

If your small business has a website (if it doesn’t stop reading this and get in touch with us right away so we can get started!) you can use your website to capture customer’s emails.

You can use popups that allow your customers to opt-in to your email campaign. Allowing customers to give your their email typically helps your conversion rate when you send them emails.

You can also use sign-up forms throughout your website that offer the subscriber special offers for signing up.

The types of emails you send are also important. In-stock emails, as well as new product launch emails, are typically successful emails for small businesses.

Email Marketing Helps Build Customer Relationships

Effective email marketing can help grow your small business. Even if you are a small local service company you can benefit from growing an email base. 

For example, you can grow your customer base by asking previous customers to review your business on your Google profile or other social media profiles. This will help prospective customers see real customer reviews. This helps your overall digital marketing strategy by leaving a larger positive footprint of your business on the web.

How much do small businesses spend on email marketing?

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to marketing and promotes your business. Email marketing guarantees you reach your target audience and maximizes your marketing efforts.

If you set clear marketing goals you can make the most of the money you spend on email marketing.

Because most email service providers make you pay depending on how many subscribers you have you won’t overpay to reach your customers.

Many providers have a free email marketing plan that allows you to have 100-500 subscribers before you ever have to pull out your credit card.

Any small business with 100-500 email subscribers should have no problem using email to get a return on investment from their email marketing subscription. 

What are the advantages of email marketing?

We’ve talked a lot about email marketing and why you should not wait another day to start marking more money with your email campaigns.

Here is a quick list of the advantage of email marketing:

  • Cost-effective
  • Email to use and reach your customer base
  • ​Can be automated
  • Reaches your target market

If you are on the fence about email marketing for your small business contact us and we will point you in the right direction, or even manage your campaigns for you!

Let’s Build your Email List Together

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